Survivor: Philippines Review “Shot into Smithereens”

Tonight’s episode of Survivor: Philippines started out the way that the last episode did: With me having absolute certainty that Abi will be going home at the end of the hour! We all know how that panned out last week, though, so we’ll see how it all plays out in tonight’s installment "Shot into Smithereens".

The episode started out with a Survivor tradition that always gets to me and chokes me up a little: Our survivors being reunited with their loved ones! We’ve seen these contestants for three months now, and we think we have them all figured out, so it’s fun to watch them interact with their family members and see a whole new side of them. Just about everybody was the same old teary reunion that we see every year, except for the notable exception of Abi. Abi seemed to have a more emotional reaction from watching other people reunite with their loved ones than she did when she saw her own mother! Read More...


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