Arrow Season 1 Review “Vendetta”

I had high hopes for what Ollie’s time with Helena would bring, but this week’s episode of Arrow, "Vendetta" didn’t exactly deliver what I expected. Most of us already knew that Helena was going to become "The Huntress," but her transition to villainy seemed to happen rather abruptly. One bad dinner date turned out to be the very last straw for Helena and she hurled herself into a future of vengeance and rage.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Helena on Arrow, but I still think that it would have been more satisfactory to really let us see Ollie’s progress and training with Helena backfire slowly as he became closer to her over the course of a few more episodes. His devastation over Helena might have had a stronger impact if he had worked with her for a few cases and built up trust in her and a hope for her redemption only to have her disappoint him when he least expected it. Ollie was so quick to let her in on all his secrets and yet so quick to give up on his belief that she could be redeemed. Read More...


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