Chicago Fire Season 1 Review “Leaving the Station”: Mills Sees The Horrors Of Firefighting

Chicago gets a touch of Canada from two Canadian visiting firefighters in this episode of Chicago Fire, "Leaving the Station." That highly-minor plot involving the firefighters and the shenanigans of Mouch and Oits wasn’t really major to the main story, but, it was cool to see Otis get schooled by Chief Boden about pulling pranks. Also, the levity the plot provided did even out the angst Mills is dealing with in this episode.

During a run to a train accident (I’m guessing in Chicago’s Loop), the crew saves the life of a teenaged boy who was walking with his sister above the train tracks. The boy was managed to be saved–his leg was caught in the axle of the train–but his little sister wasn’t so lucky. Sadly, the girl was killed, her body parts strewn across the tracks farther down from the boy. Mills is the first one to see the remains of the girl, and it affects him hard. Casey sees Mills’ predicament and attempts to help him get out of it. Read More...


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