Nashville Recap: Teddy Bared

There’s been a lot of Internet hate going around for Scarlett lately, and I think I know why: Because once you start noticing her doe-eyes and her halting baby talk and her constant pouting and her perpetually stunned look ("the Taylor Swift") and her thicker-than-a-jar-of molasses country accent and her frickin’ banjo and her endless sniveling indecision, you can’t unsee it. But that’s just a guess. Anyway, more on Scarlett in a sec. Because with last night’s "winter hiatus" episode, the Teddy/Rayna situation finally came to a head.

I think the biggest problem with this storyline is that we’re not invested in Teddy and Rayna at all — a true botch on the show’s part. All love triangles have to have a couple that the majority offans are rooting for (in this case, Team Deacon, of course) but they work best when both options are viable, not when one side of the triangle is completely flaccid. I can’t imagine that anyone is on Team Teddy, partly because Connie Britton has more chemistry with Lou, the key grip (made up crew guy, but you get my point) than she does with Eric Close, the actor who plays Teddy. (An aside: Didn’t Connie Britton look gorgeous in last night’s episode? Her hair, her makeup, her endless supply of strangely colored leather jackets — all on point.) Read More...


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