Beauty and the Beast Review: "Trapped"

"Trapped" wasn't one of the better episodes of the season, but we did learn something big about Vincent's time in Afghanistan. Trying to save her when she was murdered wasn't the first time he came to her defense.

Evan did wonder what Cat saw in the tunnel! I'm so glad they didn't just let that issue ride. He's far to smart for that.  Was it wrong that I felt bad Cat used him for J.T. to get into his office to Evan's equipment to make the serum? Because I did. Evan is a really good guy and I don't like to see him used, even when it's for a good purpose.

After what happened to him and given his scientific nature, it's entirely possible he might be interested in what Vincent is, not turn him in and even offer his services to help figure out what to do with him. Hey - it's possible! Read More...


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