'Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'We'll Always Have Bourbon Street'

by Cassie Title

So, blogosphere: What have I constantly reiterated about flashbacks? Basically, they’re nothing short of THE. GREATEST. MOMENTS. OF. MY. LIFE. (Yeah, I agree; that was a little intense.) So, I pretty much enjoyed this episode, thanks in part to some interesting flashbacks!

Before I continue from where this intro was supposed to lead us, I want to take a moment to discuss said flashbacks. Damon and Stefan went to New Orleans, and during their trip, we flashbacked back to them hanging on Bourbon Street in 1942. There were uniforms and dapper suits. And there was Lexi! But these flashbacks were qualitatively different than others, in my opinion. They were faster, tighter and more seamless. Great for relating to the present (which I guess is Julie Plec’s plan, according to interviews), but definitely left me wanting more, origin-wise. And let me just say, contrary to someone's potentially popular belief: flashbacks are not just for informing the present. I mean, they are, but not just plot-wise. They’re to continue to grow character arcs, and full characters are what I’m most interested in. Just saying. Read More...



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