Nashville Season 1 Review “Where He Leads Me” – Glory Be

So, it looks like our little she-cat might just be falling in love with a Boy Scout. In the mid-season finale of Nashville, "Where He Leads Me," Juliette got to meet her Tebow’s family…but although she fell in love with them instantly, Mama Tebow had very little interest in gaining a shoplifting, partying daughter-in-law with a mother in rehab, a fact she made more than clear when Juliette came to Sunday dinner.

Juliette’s response? Why, to propose marriage, of course! No one puts Juliette in a corner! We didn’t get to see if Tebow accepted or not, but given that we later saw a preview with Juliette in a wedding dress, it’s a fair guess that he decided it was time to get married and lose his virginity. Yeah, that’ll end well, I’m sure. Quickie marriages for religious purposes and in defiance of parental figures always do, right? Read More...


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