Parks and Recreation Season 5 Review “Ron & Diane”

Parks and Recreation’s spiritual cousin, 30 Rock, is coming to an end after this season. As a result,30 Rock has devoted a few episodes to some fan service. While the announcement has not been made that this will be Parks and Recreation’s final season, you can tell that Mike Schur and company are treating this season as such. Plots are advancing rapidly as the show searches for happy endings for all of their characters. Leslie and Ben are getting married. Tom and Andy are starting to grow up. April cares about things (some things). Everyone in Pawnee seems to be getting their happy endings. Given the relentlessly positive nature of the show, it’s no surprise that the writers, and fans, want to see these characters go out happy. As a result, the show has traded in warm and funny episodes that are going heavy on the sweetness. The show remains wonderful, but this dedication to the characters’ happiness eliminates the opportunity to take episodes and do something new and interesting. Parkshas never been the most inventive show (it’s truly remarkable in its steadiness), but they’ve shown the ability to craft excellent episodes outside of the box. With so many loose ends to tie together (thanks to a bloated cast), the show has to maintain a laser-like focus on these characters and their development. Read More...


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