Glee Season 4 Episode 9 Review “Swan Song”

This week’s Glee, ‘Swan Song’, could mark the biggest turning point in the season, if not the show, as New Directions’ season is over before it really begun. Marley’s fainting spell means that they have been disqualified and the Warblers are heading to Regionals sans their biggest competition. After finally winning Nationals last year, it seems the new guys really aren’t up to the same standard, and it’s certainly a bit of a downer.

But it’s also a show of sheer audacity on the show’s part, and might be the best decision the writers ever made. We’re now completely free of the constant, looming, competition episodes (which were, let’s face it, becoming repetitive) and our ever-expanding cast are free to just enjoy the music. It takes them a while to get there, of course, as Finn does his best petulant, pouty face until Rachel gives him a much-needed pep talk after winning her own accolade. All of New Directions take up new identities, but their hearts will apparently always stay gleeful. Read More...


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Jun 5, 2016 10:29AM EDT


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