The Office Season 9 Review “Dwight Christmas”

If this is going to be the final Christmas-themed episode of "The Office"- and given as it’s the final season of the show, that seems a safe bet- then having a "Dwight Christmas" is clearly the way to go. Perhaps the writers have been listening long and hard from fans and critics of the show, because they have been leaning heavily on everyone’s favorite "Office" misfit as of late- not that I’m complaining, by any means.

As Jim prepared to leave early for his big business meeting in Philadelphia- or as Dwight called it: "The city that loves Adolph"- Erin realized that no one had bothered to plan the big Christmas party. Typically, this would be Angela’s area of expertise, but with recent events, that must have slipped her mind, understandably. Not that anyone was giving her grief for it, least of all Oscar. Read More...


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