The League Season 4 Review “The Anchor Baby” and “Bro-lo El Cordero”

This week, we unexpectedly got a double-dose of "The League," but alas, it proved almost to be too much of a good thing, at least insofar as the second episode was concerned, for the most part. The first episode, "The Anchor Baby," certainly got things off to a promising start, not in the least with a full-on glimpse of Ruxin’s wife, Sofia (Nadine Velazquez) in all of her naked backside glory. Um, wow. Very nice, and if you want even more where that came from, be sure and check her out in the recent movie"Flight" and don’t be late. You’ll thank me later.

Unfortunately, Ruxin was not too pleased- at least with the front-side of said wife, when he noticed that something very noticeable was awry. "My wife completely changed her pubic configuration. She went from the pizza slice straight up to a breadstick. She’s re-landscaping the whole front yard for resale!" It seems Ruxin is no fool and knew that he was the luckiest of men when it came to hitting the wife lottery. Read More...


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