Person of Interest Season 2 Review “C.O.D.”

In last night’s Person of Interest, it was a Cold War bad guys reunion with appearances by Cubans, Estonians, and a Russian. Team machine was tasked with protecting a Cuban defector and formerbaseball player, Fermin Ordonez (Michael Irby) who was caught in the crosshairs of an international conspiracy. Ordonez wanted to bring his wife and child to the U.S., so he sold a laptop left in his cab by a Russian that, unknown to Fermin, contained valuable information from the Department ofHomeland Security.

While Reese protected Fermin from the Estonians, Finch tracked down the laptop. Finch and Reese had a couple amusing exchanges, but I would like to see more repartee and less exposition from these two. The main focus of the episode, though, seemed to be the side stories. Read More...


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