'Parks and Recreation': 'Ron and Diane' is on its A game, plus a deleted scene

"Parks and Recreation" has been on a pretty strong run for its past several episodes, but "Ron and Diane" was perhaps the most consistently laugh-out-loud funny episode the show has done this season.The fact that it also mixed in some pretty solid character-based stories made it that much better. By deploying a couple of strong recurring characters -- including Ron's sax-playing alter ego, Duke Silver -- and reminding us why Jerry doesn't let all the abuse he takes at work bother him, "Ron and Diane" hit a lot of great notes for these people. The show also pulled a nice twist by having Diane feel less threatened by Tammy 2's pixellated come-ons than by how close Leslie is to Ron. RELATED: Our favorite Ron Swanson quotesAs for Jerry, well, the guy has it pretty great at home, doesn't he? If you were going home to Christie Brinkley each night, and you had a lovely home,...



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