Addictive Show

I am not sure how to classify this show. I usually like my TV for escape but this show is anything but escapist; powerful, realistic (sort of), painful, but definately not light and cheery. The quality of the acting is incredible and I was surprised to discover how much I seemed to care about these flawed characters and their fictious lives. And that is my problem, while some of the epsidoes have left me feeling uplifted, several have left me feeling heartsick.

I get the whole "If you love something, set it free" thread so far this season and I realize that, no matter of how close it may seem that the title character is to following in the footsteps of his buddy (for many of the same reasons) in the series pilot, it can't happen but the pain in the lead character is palatable.

It hurts to watch the show but I can't look away. I guess I'm addicted to it


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