Even Terry O’Quinn Didn’t Know Who He Was on the Canceled 666 Park Avenue

When 666 Park Avenue was canceled, Terry O'Quinn tweeted, "Too bad about the show, but ... shit happens." Succinct, to the point, but it didn't tell us a lot, so when Vulture ran into the show's star at last night's premiere of The Hobbit, we asked him to elaborate. "I'm used to it," he explained. "I've been doing this for a long time, so it's hard to surprise me. I'm more surprised by great success than sudden departure."

The show had just enough notice to revise its last episode into a series finale of sorts, but even so, the last four episodes probably won't provide much clarity regarding the show's mythology — what's up with Whoopi Goldberg turning into a flock of white birds? What are the black birds, for that matter? Is Gavin Doran the devil? "Those are questions that won't be answered, unfortunately. They really only had time to ask all the questions and not give all the answers." Read More...



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