'Scandal': 5 theories that could explain why [spoiler] shot Fitz

Note: If you haven't yet watched Thursday's (Dec. 6) episode of "Scandal," you'll probably not want to read the following post. Spoilers -- big ones -- ahead."Scandal" followed up last week's shocking ending -- the shooting of President Grant (Tony Goldwyn) -- with an episode Thursday that ended with almost as big a jaw-dropper.By every appearance, the shooter is none other than Huck (Guillermo Diaz), Olivia's (Kerry Washington) close friend and associate. He's also, it should be noted, the guy who's done a lot of the dirty work in covering up the Cytron voter fraud that gave Fitz the White House in the first place.Still, even though we know Huck is a trained killer who often liked his old job very much, "Scandal" has taken great pains to show his efforts to leave that world behind. So why would he have shot the president? If a definitive answer is coming, it won't be for at...



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