Fringe Review: The Second Cut Is The Deepest

"The Human Kind" brought back my Fringe. I know everyone else has been satisfied with the story of Peter going Observer and Olivia being a bit sidelined, but I wasn't. Despite what many want to think, it wasn't because I didn't want Peter to have a great story, or that I wanted single focus on Olivia. In this last season of Fringe, after four years of fighting to be together, I wanted my heroes to be just that - together. Tonight I got my wish, and great acting on the parts of both leads. 

The whole 'watch the video tape for clues' thing is getting kind of old. It was cute when first proposed, in a Myst sort of way, but it's dragged on too long. The best part of the tapes so far played out this week, through the personal story of Simone and her mother, holding the magnet at Walter's request for decades. As some sort of an oracle, not only was she waiting her entire life for someone to come for the magnet that would be used to save the world from the invaders, as she called them, but she could see things about Olivia, as well. Read More...


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