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Nikita Review: And the Mole is....

Cyrus is quite the charming gun guy, isn't he? Unlike the other rogue agents that the new Division has chased down, Cyrus was actually a decent guy.

In "Sideswipe," Nikita and Michael went after Cyrus as a means to an end. They wanted to use him to track down Amanda.

Even though I enjoyed the episode as a whole and loved the addition of Cyrus, I had a few issues with the storytelling. First of all, seriously, how could Nikita and Michael NOT see Cyrus' escape coming or at least take precautions to prevent it. Okay, sure they put an electrical tracker in him, so maybe I'm being a little harsh. Though, seriously, Nikita wasn't even paying attention to what was going on. At least, Nikita remembered the clues he gave her, which proved he wasn't working entirely against her or Division. He really was on Team Cyrus. Read More...


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