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Took my kids to "How to Train Your Dragon" in Imax 3D this weekend and they showed a preview for the new Tron movie being released Christmas 2010. Given the quantity and importance of references Chuck has made to the Original Tron. If they have a fourth season, and I really hope they get renewed, there would be a great opportunity for a Premier Tie-in.

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Apr 2, 2010 11:27PM EDT

I fleshed this idea out some more and I was so happy with the result I registered on the NBC site and posted it there. Here's the details of the idea.
I'm hopelessly optimistic and I believe there will be a Season 4, so here's my idea for a "Chuck-O-Rific" Season 4 promotion. If I knew of a way to make the PTB (the PTB acronym always makes me think of "The Pretender" another NBC show axed before its time) hear my idea I would do it in a "Flash" but I don't so I'm left with posting it on-line. A new Tron sequel broad release, including IMax 3D, is scheduled for the 2010 Holiday season and this offers a one of a kind marketing opportunity for NBC, Chuck, Disney, and IMax.
Here's My Idea:
Chuck Television Series/ Tron: Legacy (Imax 3D) – mutually beneficial marketing idea.
Idea Roots:Story Tie-In between the Original Tron Movie and TV show ChuckOriginal Tron – Man in ComputerChuck – Computer in ManMultiple References to Original Tron in all seasons of Chuck,Original Tron Poster pivotal reference prop on ChuckPossibly Sparked Stephen Bartowski’s idea of the Intersect
Physical Method Tie-In (Marketing Vehicle)Past Chuck Promotion – Season Two – Don’t Chuck Your 3-D GlassesHistorically Chuck has already produce a 3-D episode in Season TwoIntersect Delivery Methods– Season One – Pilot – Images in a Computer Monitor– Start Season Two – Pair of Sun Glasses– End Season Two – Drive-In Movie Screen
Basic Idea:In season four, Chuck and Sarah, as a couple, have gone off grid. The NSA and CIA need to get them back but they can't find them. They know there is no way Chuck will miss seeing Tron: Legacy in Imax 3D, so they encode Intersect images, in conjunction with special (Marketing Item) Imax 3D glasses, into the film’s end credits. During the end credits, Chuck gets the Intersect re-installed/ upgraded while Sarah receives mission briefing notes, all in 3D. After the briefings are finished, they are shown 3D text that informs them that their location has been fixed and they are immediately met by agent of the NSA and CIA.
Promotion Idea:Special Imax 3D glasses (available for purchase, new Revenue Stream) that would allow the viewer to see information in the end credits, perhaps dual purposed so the fan can use the same glasses to view a special 3D episode of Chuck later in the season and if they purchase the Season four DVD.
The 3D information the viewer would see, in chronological order:- Text -Optical Retinal Identification – Charles Bartowski - Negative- Text - Optical Retinal Identification – Sarah Walker – Negative- Text - Initiate Incident Erasure Protocol- Images - Series of Intersect-like images (Possible Contest)- Text - Incident Erasure – Complete – Successful- Text – You Loved this Movie - Tell Your Friends- Text – Have a (Nice, Happy, Casey, Patriotic) Day (Different Images Sets for Different Days)
Bottom Line:Tron: Legacy (Imax 3D) gets lots of Prime-Time exposure, there’s a new Revenue Stream for purchased Imax 3D glasses, and a huge marketing exposure opportunity for my favourite TV show Chuck, that is consistent with its history/ story line.
I offer this idea to the PTBs for FREE, getting Chuck for another year would be a good enough reward for this old Canadian Nerd.

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