CSI: NY Season 8 Review “The Real McCoy”

In the latest episode of "CSI: NY," it was fan favorite Adam’s turn at bat in "The Real McCoy." Oddly, though Adam (A.J. Buckley) was dating a girl that worked at the primary crime scene, it was never brought up or mentioned after the initial sighting of the girl at the onset of the episode. Granted, she had nothing to do with the murder at hand, but you’d think it would have come up! (Maybe there was a deleted scene addressing it that ended up on the cutting room floor?)

Anyway, Adam had plenty of drama going on without that distraction, and it all started on his off day. Isn’t that always the way? It seems that Adam volunteered at a local old folks’ home, much to the heart-sinking admiration of said girlfriend (and, I’m guessing, among his fawning fan base as well), especially since he turned down some morning nookie to stick to his schedule. And, I might add, wasn’t lying. Did anyone else wonder if his girl showed up there just to make sure he wasn’t? Maybe that’s just the cynic in me, though I never doubted Adam himself- it seemed like something he would do, didn’t it? Read More...



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