Hunted Season 1 Review “Snow Maiden”

We’ve finally reached the end of Hunted, and it finished in much the same way as it began – complicated, convoluted, silly, and more than a little bit mad. It’s also still gorgeous to look at and completely unashamed of itself. There’s been much to admire in the last eight weeks of glossy spy-drama, but that doesn’t mean I have the foggiest what’s been going on.

We begin with Sam recounting her favorite fairytale, ‘The Snow Maiden’, in which a lot of heavy-handed parallels are contained. This has supposedly been the key to unraveling Hunter’s character all along, and we’re definitely not supposed to forget it. As the maiden reunited a boy with his father she "looked upon those two happy souls" her icy heart melted, and she died. From this point onwards, we know howHunted has to end, and it does – just about. Though she appears to die in the episode’s final moments, the series ends with her alive and well, and back in the Scottish mountains. To top it all off, Aidan and Sam’s infant daughter is actually alive, and the father has no idea. Read More...


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