Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Review “Trapped” — Beasts and Manslayers

This week’s ‘Trapped’ saw both Beauty and the Beast (and JT) look into the triggers behind Vincent’s fugue states and how to stop them. While in a drug-induced fugue state, Vincent finds himself remembering what happened in Afghanistan. Not only did other members of the project have similar issues, but the doctor behind it all was none other than Kat’s mother.

The induced fugue state was an awfully contrived way to show us Vincent’s past experiences. We’re expected to buy that he just forgot about specific events, namely his interactions with the doctor and seeing another project member go into a fugue state. It would have been somewhat plausible as a case of state-dependent memory if he’d been in his beast mode at the time, but instead we’re left to think that either he genuinely forgot or that Muirfield made him forget select memories somehow. Neither seems particularly plausible. Read More...


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