Homeland Season 2 Review “In Memoriam”

"Who the f*** are you?" –Saul Berenson

After Saul delivered my favorite line of the episode, I couldn’t get it out of my head. Just who the fudge are these people? In a show about spy games, double agents, and terrorist plots, is it possible to know any of these characters? How many of them really know themselves?

Rhetorical questions aside, matters of identity were sprinkled throughout tonight’s episode. We believe that we have a clear picture of Carrie, but it’s hard to say if Carrie has a clear picture of herself. For the longest time, she has identified herself with her tracking of Abu Nazir. It defined her as a person. You could certainly argue that she’s far more attached to Nazir than Brody ever was. After all, she nearly committed suicide when Nazir was no longer a part of her life. Watching Carrie react to the death of Nazir showed just how much catching the terrorist means to her character. Unfortunately, the chase proved far more rewarding than the actual catch. Now with Nazir gone, it seems like she’s trying to move on to her next obsession. Regardless of the outcome of this season, it’s abundantly clear that Carrie is a broken person who cannot make herself whole. Whether she’s filling herself with her work or Brody (Hi-Oh!), the only thing that keeps her from being a truly destructive person is her latest obsession. Carrie’s been a bit all over the place this season, but high-level field work and unbalanced lithium levels will do that to a person. Claire Danes hasn’t matched her performance from last year, but she was asked to play a far different role this year. Given the strong possibilities of the season ending with a show reset, it’s far more likely that we see the Danes from season one as opposed to the Danes from this season. Read More...



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