Family Guy Season 11 Review “Friends without Benefits”

This time around on "Family Guy," it was Meg’s turn at bat as the central character in "Friends without Benefits." This one had a somewhat oddball premise, even by "Family Guy" standards. Basically, it was the tale of unrequited love, as Meg fell prey to that age-old rite of female passage: falling for a gay guy. That in of itself wasn’t the strange part, but rather her reaction to it.

Under normal circumstances, most girls would either befriend the guy or move on, but Meg opted to take the road less traveled. She decided the better route to take would be to set the guy up with her brother, Chris! As the guy had a crush on Chris, it was an easy sell on his end, but not so much on Chris’, as he isn’t of the gay persuasion. This forced Meg to take matters into her own hands, so she did what any irrational person would do- she sought out roofies! One guess as to who she went to in order to procure such a thing…here’s a hint: Giggity! Read More...


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