American Dad Season 8 Review “Adventures in Hayleysitting”

American Dad wants so bad to be shocking. At its worst, that means it devolves into a Family Guy-style bad taste competition, but when it’s operating at its best abilities, like "Adventures in Hayleysitting," the shock value is balanced with just the right amount of silliness, and the whole thing comes out succeeding on some absurd level.

The main plot plays off every single teen movie premise you’ve ever seen, with the completely incompetent Hayley charged with looking after her brother, and Steve and his nerdy friends trying their hardest to be cool. On the other side of the episode, Stan and Francine are going to Cavalia and then having nasty hotel sex, or at least that was the plan, until things start to fall apart.

The Steve and Hayley plot starts light, but only gets darker, as a meth head with an obsessive need to keep track of his finances (played by guest star Charlie Day) gets tied in, but Stan and Francine, off with Roger as their carriage driver, provides relief throughout the episode. It has all the funny one-liners of the episode, including my favorite, the detail that one of Roger’s horses is named "Nanny McPhee," and Stan’s earlier creepy compliment that his wife looks "like that little slut from Tangled." Read More...


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