How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Review “The Over-Correction”

This week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother, "The Over-Correction," got practically the entire gang wrapped up in Barney and Patrice’s business. It might not have been much of a surprise to see Robin breaking into Barney’s place on her own, but Lily and Ted got mixed up in Robin’s attempt to steal Barney’s Playbook in an unexpected and rather entertaining turn of events.

How I Met Your Mother set up a few running gags early on that would payoff successfully and bring some major laughs as the episode progressed. Sometimes How I Met Your Mother sets up a running gag that tries too hard and never really amounts to much, but most of the bits we saw tonight worked for me. I enjoyed Robin’s search through Barney’s lair, constantly uncovering all the other books of Bro-Legend before accidentally stumbling upon the trigger she had been looking for. Ted’s anger over all his un-returned personal belongings just seemed to get funnier as new items were uncovered, and I loved the added Ted-touch of having all his items boldly labeled as being the property of Ted Mosby. Even the long-time running gag of Ted’s classic red cowboy boots returned in all their stupid-looking glory to bring laughs to this story line. Read More...


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