90210 Season 5 Review “The Things We Do for Love” – Call Me Clairvoyant…

If you follow these reviews with any regularity, I would just like to say that I neither have a crystal ballnor an inside connection to the 90210 writing staff. Sadly, the only explanation as to why I’ve been accurately predicting pretty much every single plot thread on the show is that there is absolutely no creative thought going into any of their stories anymore, in particular this week’s episode, "The Things We Do for Love." There’s an actual scientific theory that says a monkey hitting random keys on a typewriter for an infinite amount of time will eventually produce the complete works of William Shakespeare.

It would probably only take Curious George a couple of hours to bang out a 90210 script.

I usually try to sum up the episode every week, but I feel like I’ve already done that as these so-called stories unfold. Of course Vanessa is still alive. Of course she was blackmailing Liam. Of course Liam’s bodyguard who tattooed his face on her shoulder drugged and kidnapped him. Read More...



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