The Mindy Project Review: Season's Cheatings

"Ho, Ho, Ho," three words that describe Josh after he betrayed Mindy's trust this week on The Mindy Project.  "Josh and Mindy's Christmas Party" went from a merry affair to a melee.  The episode began to resemble an installment of Bad Girls Club as Ellie Kemper (The Office) played party crasher and got physical with the hostess. 

Poor Mindy, she was so excited to show off her new boyfriend who as far as we knew had been nothing but the sweet and attentive. He did look like an example photo at a barber shop as Betsy noted, or a model in a Transitions Lenses commercial. You had me going Josh, shame on me for not seeing it. Not only did he betray Mindy but also the amazingly animated Heather played by guest star Ellie Kemper.  Read More...


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