New Girl Review: Winter Privilege Night

"Santa" does exist! In the form of a generous, bearded, black policeman! Tonight's episode was cute. It started and ended sweetly, and headed into the winter hiatus without any real questions. In fact, the only relationship that seems unsettled is the one between Cece and Schmidt. I'm curious about the number of fans that are all for Cece and Schmidt versus the ones who think they are a ridiculous couple together. I fall into the first camp, if that hasn't been made clear already.

And although Sam is cute, I didn't think much about him between their last breakup and tonight's reunion. But Jess certainly seems thrilled. I can't imagine it ending too well though. I predict Nick and Angie will stay together, as will Sam and Jess. Then one of the couples will want to accelerate the commitment, but either Jess or Nick will sabotage their own relationship to be with the other person. Just a thought. Make sure to make some predictions of your own in the comments! Read More...


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