Vegas Review: What's Your Price?

Does everyone in Vegas have a price or is it all just a ""Masquerade" as all of the players vie for control they don't actually have.

What bothered me most about Audrey Ballard's murder was her father's reaction to it. He almost seemed relieved. As though it was easier to put his wayward daughter to rest permanently than to deal with the choices she'd made of which he obviously didn't approve.  Her death allowed him to go back home playing the role of the righteous victim.

I always enjoy getting glimpses of Katherine and Ralph's relationship because it's difficult to tell where these two stand.  They've known one another since they were kids. Has there ever been a romantic relationship between the two?  Either way, he was obviously concerned over her personal reaction to this case and apparently he had reason to be.  She nearly got herself killed. Read More...


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