NCIS: Los Angeles Season 4 Review “The Gold Standard” – Killer Clowns Plus a New Deeks Mystery?

In this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, called "The Gold Standard," the team is put on what appears to be a fairly normal case, but one that could end up affecting national security. In other words: business as usual.

This episode played one mean shell game with me tonight. It starts out as a case about some pretty clever thieves who use costumes and the confusion of a crowded street to pull off one heck of a heist. While watching this show, I often play a game of "why would NCIS be called on this one?" and right away it made sense once they found out how much the gold was worth and just who was supposed to get it. But then it took a nice little turn, and this somewhat routine case suddenly turned into something that could end up being an economic terrorist attack of massive proportions. Read More...


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