The Mindy Project Season 1 Review “Josh and Mindy’s Christmas Party”

"Josh and Mindy’s Christmas Party" was kind of depressing for a holiday themed episode of The Mindy Project. I know that the episode ended with one of those "that’s what friends are for" moments that was supposed to be sweet and uplifting, but it did little to make me feel better about my favorite character of the moment, Josh, leaving the story as a cheating scumbag.

The developing relationship between Mindy and Josh was a large part of what was keeping me interested in The Mindy Project week after week. Not only was I disappointed that his character was making an exit, I was disappointed that they had to make me dislike him in the process. He had always been sort of a pompous jerk, but what made him so unique among the many pompous jerk characters on television, was that he was also cheerful, harmless, and playful. Josh was shaping up to be a really interesting character because – up until this point – his romantic actions had always betrayed the obnoxious crap that came out of his mouth. In turning Josh into a lying cheater, he stopped being a special character that was unique to The Mindy Project and he became just like every other cheating boyfriend on TV. A regular old jerk. Read More...


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