Here’s How Quentin Tarantino Introduced Django Unchained at Last Night’s New York Premiere

"Thanks, everybody! Y'all ready for some Django Unchained? Are you guys ready to get UNCHAINED?! You know, actually, it’s funny: Just before I came out, they were telling me that there was a little problem in the projection booth with the projection bulb, and just a couple of scenes might have a slight strobing effect at the bottom … and I've been starting to do the press for the film, last week, and I'm getting a lot of questions about, ‘Oh, you've been doing this for twenty years now, how is anything different? What do you differently now than you did back then?’ And I'm saying, 'Oh, I haven't changed at all! Nothing's different.' But I actually started thinking about it when they told me that stuff about the projector bulb, and twenty years ago, fifteen years ago, or even ten years ago, I would have fucking flipped out, and had a fucking attack on everybody! Now I'm like, ‘Yeah, so what? It’s okay. It’ll be fine.’ You know, I think what I have learned is that if the film is good, it doesn’t matter, any imperfections. And if the film is bad, it doesn’t mean anything when [the projection is] perfect. So I think I've finally calmed down. Also, because I'm such a fan of film projection, projector fuck-ups, I tend to look at as romantic now. A DVD never fucks up. Read More...


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