'Survivor' - 'Gouge My Eyes Out' recap: Abi's last stand

Five finalists remain on "Survivor: Philippines" -- the Fab Four (Lisa, Michael Skupin, Malcolm, Denise and .. Abi. Going into tonight's (Dec. 12) final regular episode, the bigmouth Brazilian had two shots to stay in the game: winning immunity, or persuading two of the four to drag her along as a sacrificial goat. Post-Tribal The five finalists celebrate making it to Day 34, with Abi, oblivious as usual, profusely thanking the others for keeping her around. Maybe in her "culture" goats deserve respect? In their confessionals, Lisa reiterates that she'll bring someone she can beat, no matter how "yucky" it feels to keep Abi around, while Malcolm calls Lisa's strategy an eye opener. Skupin laughs at Abi's "ironic" reversal of fortune, saying: "I think you thought you were going to be here [in the final five], just with different people." He also giggles about Abi's announcement "with trumpets" that she's going into the woods to...



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