Criminal Minds Review: Bugged About Karma

In this week's episode we were treated to an UnSub who just wasn't all the clear on the concept of karma.  "Perrenials" showed us what happens when you introduce a narcissistic psychopath to the concept of reincarnation: you end up with a murderer who thinks his path to enlightenment involves re-killing his old reincarnated victims so that they come back as flies instead of humans. 

Maybe it's just the result of the contrast to last week's troubling episode, but this one seemed like they were scrambling for ideas.  The story only became compelling when the UnSub's last potential victim - a little boy - was introduced.  Once he was freed and the killer got to the hospital and was confronted by the BAU, the rest was predictable.  We knew he was going to opt for "suicide by cop" in order to complete his karmic quest.   The only thing we didn't foresee was his "D'OH!" moment when at the moment of death he saw some slugs crawling around on his arm and he realized his soul would go into one of them instead of the baby he had just held.   Karmic justice indeed. Read More...


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