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Vampire Diaries' Trevino: It's Time for Tyler to Take Charge - But There Will Be Consequences

After weeks of amassing his army, The Vampire Diaries' Tyler is ready to take down Klaus. But what happens when Klaus catches wind of his plan?

"As soon as he learns what's going on with Tyler and how there's this hybrid revolution happening, [Klaus] will be utterly furious," Joseph Morgan tells "We've seen some of what Klaus is capable of, but he's going to go very far when this comes to a conclusion. He won't take that lightly."


| 07:27 EST, 14 Dec, 2012
Watch This Episode Replay Here=> <== REPLAY. Well damn, now Caroline and Klaus are never going to get together. I mean....she'd have to be royally messed up to fall for the guy who killed her boyfriend's mother. Sigh... Between that and Damon sending Elena away, I found this episode super.

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