'Criminal Minds' Recap: Garcia (and Fans) Get a Taste of Morgan

In the season's eleventh episode, "Perennials", the BAU investigates an Unsub who leaves bugs behind at all of his crime-scenes. Read on to find out what the Criminal Minds writers have in-store for us this week.

Ending the Cycle

Tonight's Unsub-of-the-week murders two seemingly un-connected people via a chisel to the head and the team takes on the case. The Unsub uses a method in his murders that is eerily similar to one used by deceased serial killer Russell Smith and the team eventually realizes that the Unsub actually believes he is Smith. This Unsub also leaves a little something behind at each crime scene -- fly larvae.

The Unsub, Kestler, believes in reincarnation and thinks he was born again as Russell Smith. He also believes that all of Smith's victims were also reincarnated and are now coming after him. Kestler is convinced he must kill these reincarnated people before they kill him and he uses the larvae as new-born hosts for the reincarnated spirits. In the end, Kestler is killed but thinks he missed his chance for another human life and will be re-incarnated through his bugs. (You know what they say about Karma.)



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Jan 4, 2013 12:34AM EST

I have to applaud the writers of CM once again for successfully grossing me out with their choice of bug. The unsub certainly sounds insane, although the idea of watching him perform his creepy rituals sounds like a good night of CM to me. I’m normally not at home on Wednesday nights, since I work the night shift at DISH, but thankfully my DISH Hopper prevents me from missing a single episode. It’s set to auto-record the big 4 networks during prime time using PrimeTime Anytime; relaxing while catching up on my shows is my favorite weekend activity.

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