Modern Family Season 4 Review “Diamond in the Rough”

Before my usual digression into popular sitcom tropes and joke setup, allow me a slightly personal aside related to tonight’s episode.

One of favorite made-up jobs that I would like to have is something I call a Sports Movie Consultant. This job would entail me traveling to the sets of various movies and television shows with the purpose of making sure their sports work has some degree of authenticity. As an avid sports fan (and high school coach), I have a decent understanding of the rules, theories, and strategies of most sports. Working collaboratively with writers and producers, I could establish sports sequences that weren’t a complete embarrassment. In other words, I could have possibly rescued the baseball story line from tonight’sModern Family. I know most people that watch the show don’t care about the authenticity of sports scenes on sitcoms, so I won’t bore you with the details. Just know that anything surrounding the baseball storyline was pretty much a travesty. Read More...


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