American Horror Story: Asylum Season 2 “The Coat Hanger” Review

Whoa. That is the first word that comes to mind after that crazy episode of American Horror Story: Asylum. I thought that "I Am Anne Frank: Part 2? was insane, but "The Coat Hanger" just surpassed it, me thinks! What happened this week, you ask? Well, two characters that were presumed dead reappeared, The Angel of Death comes back into the picture, and there are two pregnancies to speak of. Oh, and there’s an crucifixion. Yeah, just when I thought American Horror Story couldn’t push the boundaries of television further, we’re given that little gem.

Let’s start at the beginning. Sister Jude is no longer a Sister. Because of her going bonkers on Ian McShane’s character last week, the Monsignor has her stripped of her title. There is also a hearing where Sister Mary Eunice and Dr. Arden testify that Jude (now Judy) actually killed Frank, the guard. The first surprising twist comes in when Lee (McShane) is shown testifying to the same thing and acting completely contrite and sorry for all of his past transgressions. Read More....


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