Survivor: Philippines Review “Gouge My Eyes Out”

Tonight’s final regularly scheduled episode of Survivor: Philippines, "Gouge My Eyes Out", started out with the final five returning to the Dangrayne campsite. We didn’t really learn anything in the opening that we didn’t already hear in last week’s tribal council, but it’s definitely resonated with the rest of the group that Lisa is planning on keeping people with her that she’s sure she can beat. Lisa has definitely emerged as a larger strategic threat, even though she can make some pretty boneheaded moves from time to time.

Now I may not like Abi very much. Well, maybe I should rephrase that: I really, really hate Abi with every fiber of my being. However, I am very impressed that she’s still continuing to play this game to the very last minute. She could have just rolled over and died when she realized that everybody at the camp hates her guts, but her goofy hidden immunity idol farce and constant strategizing is very admirable. I know she’s not going to win or anything, but she’s doing everything she can to stick around! Read More...


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