Criminal Minds Season 8 Review “Perennials”

Tonight’s Criminal Minds episode "Perennials" starts in a somewhat typical fashion for this show; Showing somebody doing something so peaceful and innocuous, like praying in a beautiful garden in Citronelle, Alabama, right before she’s brutally killed.

The team makes their way to Alabama in response to a couple people being killed by a chisel to the skull, and our creepy unsub is also putting maggots all over his victims! It doesn’t take them too long to realize that the killer is emulating the killing habits of a long-dead serial killer.

Finding out that the unsub was killing people who were born the day that the previous killer’s victims died was really cool. The whole idea of reincarnation is so intriguing to me, and the end of the case was pretty exciting. I’m not sure if Morgan being shot is going to play as an ongoing storyline at all, but the scene between him and Penelope was very funny. Read More...


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Dec 17, 2012 10:28PM EST

Great review Max! I am not sure I have always seen peaceful openings for this show, but the way you describe the opening for Perennials has given me the strong desire to sink my mind into it. I have always been fond of the writer’s of the best psychodrama on National television, but I do find their choice of insect to be rather disgusting. Morgan getting shot better not be an ongoing storyline as that would be sad, but his ongoing relationship with Penelope is definitely humorous to watch. I missed Wednesday’s episode, since I work nights at DISH, but my DISH Hopper prevents me from missing a single episode. It’s set to auto-record the big 4 networks during prime time hours using PrimeTime Anytime, so I can catch up on any show, especially Criminal Minds.

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