The Neighbors Season 1 Review “Juan of the Dead” – What Death Means

This week’s episode of The Neighbors, "Juan of the Dead," was a little more interesting than other episodes. I mean, the show has been steadily getting stronger with each episode, and the writing has gotten more and more streamlined with each story. But I’m glad I’ve been keeping up with the show’s Zabvronian lore, because there’s a bit of a discrepancy with Jackie and Larry’s issue with death. I’ll get into it as I discuss the episode.

This week, we meet a new character, Juan. He’s the neighborhood’s gardener, and he’s loved by everyone, especially Max, who was often like Juan’s unofficial apprentice. It’s only after Jackie comesback from a run with Debbie and decides to take a bath (to see if Debbie is right about it loosening the muscles) that Juan dies. What exactly happened? Well, she turned back into her alien form, and Juan happened to be outside the window, tending to some hanging plants. He was scared so badly, his heart gave out. Read More...


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