Final Cylon Speculation

Okay BSG fans, with less than one month away from the return of the Human/Cylon contingent in the Final Episodes, I thought it might be fun to delve back into who might be the 5th Cylon. After spending a ridiculous amount of time combing the internet, I found this lone video on youtube and thought to myself, that's frak'in crazy!

If you've watched the clues at, the 9th clue shows Admiral Adama visiting "Cylon" in the brig.

Could the 5th Cylon be Romo Lampkin? Romo did get Baltar off so that he could start a fanatic religious cult. Monotheists!

BUT, if you watch clue 4, the press is asking Lee Adama who the 5th Cylon is, and it looks like he mouths Gaius Baltar (mouthed because the sound has been cut out, by the gods!)

I don't know that these clues pull me away from my hope that Felix Gaeta is the final Cylon, but they certainly are puzzling clues to say the least. Not to mention the Webisodes revolve around Gaeta and 8's.

What are your thoughts?



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Jan 17, 2009 11:07AM EST

I guess I don't really mind as long as they don't do a cop out and have it as the ship or someone completely unknown at this point in time etc.

Default avatar cat
Jan 17, 2009 12:25PM EST

So, after this episode, anyone think that the final cylon is Starbuck or Ellen? I sure as hell hope not. Still routing for Baltar, but where would be the twist in that.

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