It's clear that over the course of Season 8 Barney has been going through some major changes emotionally; some encouraging, some despicable and some just downright weird. In these last few weeks alone he's professed his love for Robin, completely ignored Robin and started dating Robin's arch-enemy Patrice. However, it was this week that Ted proposed an explanation for Barney's erratic behavior: he's "over-correcting" -- particularly in light of his breakup with Quinn, who is by all accounts the polar opposite of Patrice.

Naturally, this logic didn't sit well with Robin, who concocted a wild scheme to break into Barney's apartment and expose his Playbook to Patrice. Of course, Robin being Robin, this plan completely backfired when Barney arrived home before Robin could escape, forcing her to lay low in Barney's bedroom closet. However, the real highlight of this arc was the inclusion of Ted and Lily, who wound up trapped inside their own closets in Barney's apartment. It was here that the episode really began taking shape. It hearkened back to classic HIMYM: serendipitously absurd, without pushing it way too over the top. Read More...


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