Mad Men Season 2 Episode 8 "A Night to Remember"

For the second week in a row I have found myself yelling, where is Pete? I know, he's the guy we love to hate, but I realized how much I missed him when he was dissed so beautifully by Don and didn't get an invitation to Betty's dinner. But next week promises much as Pete divulges about him and Peggy. But let's get to this week.

Okay, so alot happened again this week. Most importantly, Betty confronts Don about his philandering. He lies to her of course and she proceeds to have a nervous breakdown; riffling through Don's suit coats, going through his papers and find nothing. I like how time stood still for her, even wearing the party dress from Sunday night for days, Betty fell apart wonderfully. And who wouldn't? Like the chair she very cautiously banged to pieces, relationships are destroyed upon such betrayals if the structure holding them are weak. Betty even walks on glass and doesn't feel the cut she is so numb from the pain and realization that Don has had an affair. With every fiber of his being, Don begs Betty to believe him, lying with every word, and Betty the previously adoring perfect wife banishes him from the house. Can he do anything at all that would win back her trust? Will she have an affair of her own? I can't wait to see what's next.

An odd reoccurring theme in Sunday's episode was that Peggy is right. She's right about Herman Melville, right about the dance flier, right about how the girls seeing the flier will feel. She's continuing to play a men's game, but while being correct at all she does, she still cannot get anyone, even other women to take her seriously or believe that she could possibly know more than them. She says no over and over again to Fr. Gill, who won't take no for an answer. And we all remember why now. It's an excuse to get her alone so that he can find out why she is so miserable. Oh wait, he already knows thanks to Peggy's sister's. Oy! With one sentence he momentarily cripples Peggy. Did it stop or shock her heart? I immediately began to cry. I mean we've all felt unloveable at some point in our life. Will he help her mend. I'm so glad that Collin's role on Mad Men that of a catalyst. Speaking as one myself, we can be a pain in the butt, but we get you to think and grow. Grow on, Peggy, my girl.

Finally, I want to take a moment to speak about Joan. Recall her frequent coaching regarding looks and clothes with Peggy? Playing in the men's world means she needs to dress like a woman? Poor Joanie, can't get respect for good hard work either. Her physical assets don't proove helpful this time as they are more a huge burden. When Joan realizes that she can create and contribute in innovative ways non secretarial, her desire to rise up is cut short, as the new Broadcast Opps person is a male. Don't get me wrong, I feel pity for Joan. She and Peggy are not too dissimilar with heavy weights to carry on both their backs. But she can stand some humility. BTW, is she pregnant? She's been extra busty lately.

Now for some fun, I laughed out loud at the following phases:

"I have to sit down"

"Crab, Duck. Duck, Crab."

"Not only do I like what she says, I like the ways she says it"

BTW, if you haven't read my Mad Men drinking game, look for it here. If you were playing Sunday night, I'm sure you were running into walls as well.

My only complaint concerns the men. I really want to see Don's emotions reacting to Betty. Last season contained a hearty balance of both genders suffering. This season, not so much. I think it has been mostly one sided. And while we've seen some amazing acting, I refuse to believe women are the only creatures to suffer in the Mad Men world.


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