I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed over the fact that I am not dangling over a cliff right now. That's where I'dexpect to be after the winter finale, and I'm wondering if The CW's decision to start Nikita's fall season in October is to blame for my predicament--or lack thereof. "Sideswipe" was solid in its own right however, with a delightful visit by Isaiah Mustafa lightening the mood while private demons subtly threatened to fracture Team Nikita.

I really can't say enough about Mustafa's charming Cyrus, who couldn't help but be likable even while wishing Nikita a jaunty "Good Luck!" while selling her out to some lowlifes. I'm thrilled he didn't end up dead like the rest of the Dirty 30 agents we've run into so far because I'd love to see him again. Like Han Solo, he insists he's out for himself but when push comes to shove, ends up doing the right thing. Mostly. I liked that he had discovered Nikita's New York loft when she was fighting her war against Percy but kept her secret. It not only defines his character, but we can extrapolate that she had other secret admirers in Division who were never crazy about Percy or Amanda and that makes Nikita's quest to redeem them all seem less futile and crazy. Read More...


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