30 Rock: "My Whole Life Is Thunder" Review

Relationships were tested, strengthened and lost on this week's cameo-filled episode of30 Rock.

This series has never been beholden to rigidly defined standards of narrative structure. If there ever were any definitive rules in place, they have long since gone by the wayside. It often feels as though Tina Fey is simply indulging her fantasies in this, the final season. It’s as if she’s saying: "Screw it, I love Kermit, let’s have Kermit!"

It's impossible to begrudge her a bit of self-indulgence, though. The irreverent, free-association humor continues to sing. We are granted a glimpse into the inner workings of Fey’s mind each week, and it’s an excellent place to visit. There is a surreal tone to the series that helps it to stand out in a sea of generic and formulaic offerings. 30 Rock delves into the truly bizarre with characters such as Reverend Gimp and a groom disguised as a stone angel. It also continues to stay on course with some measure of character and story development. Read More...



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