After a string of episodes where it's seemed that only one half of the plot is very entertaining, Big Bang Theory offered a more consistent installment this week. Any episode that kicks things off by blasting the Daredevil movie is alright in my book. Two very different conflicts arose this time. On one hand, Sheldon was honor-bound by his robotic sense of affection to and his detailed contract with Amy to nurse her back to health. On the other, Wolowitz dealt with the age-old dilemma of how to find common ground with his gruff father-in-law.

It was funny to see this episode subvert the usual sitcom gender stereotypes to an extent. Though Sheldon has no apparent sex drive to speak of, Amy's hormones continue to rage as she went to great lengths to force a little bit of intimacy between them. Last week it was the Brazilian wax, and this week it was kinky doctor/patient foreplay. The fact that Sheldon never seemed to pick up on her true motives even after discovering he had been bamboozled was a consistent source of humor. That said, I could have done without the final spanking scene. The show gets a fair amount of comedic mileage out of the fact that Sheldon and Amy are just about the most dorky and sexually awkward couple on TV, but that was a closer glimpse into what passes for their sex life than I needed to see. Read More...


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