It's funny how Always Sunny can pervert, and hilariously misrepresent, the world of online gaming but still sort of nail the feeling one gets when playing games like WoW for an extended period of time. Not that The Gang's game, Techpocalypse, has many similarities to known RPGs (actually it felt more like a Facebook social game), but when you succeed online and conquer certain quests, it does kind of build up your confidence. It can give you a sunnier disposition. Even if, you know, the last thing you're exposed to is the sun.

"I think we can all agree that this game is the most important thing that ever happened to us." For The Gang, it took about - what? - five minutes before all of them were totally hooked. All except for Dennis, who was way to obsessed with his real self, and real mind games, to care about things that have no real world consequences. "Charlie Rules the World" didn't provide me with an abundance of laughs, but I did get a serious kick out of it, if that makes sense. Read More...


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