It's commonly known (well, commonly known among Trekkies anyway) that Star Trek: The Next Generation got off to something of a rough start in its first season. And while Season 2, which arrives in a first-rate Blu-ray package this week, was certainly an improvement over the previous year's shakedown voyage, it wouldn't be until the third season of TNG that things really kicked into warp speed for Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-D.

That said, the hit-to-miss ratio was definitely increasing with the new episodes (not helping matters was the fact that this was also a truncated season due to the 1988 writers' strike, resulting in four less episodes than usual, one of which -- the hated "Shades of Gray" -- was a clip show). The cast and writers were growing more familiar and comfortable with the characters, elements that didn't work very well in the first year were discarded, and one or two of the most memorable aspects of all of Star Trek (the Borg!) were first introduced in Season 2. Read More...

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